Business scan Export / Import

International logistics, are you prepared?

If you want to orientate on the market outside of the Netherlands, but do not have much experience in international business, import and export. Which contribution can you expect from VAN EYCK ADVIES?

VAN EYCK ADVIES has developed an import/export business scan to analyze at your location, your organization, the processes and procedures (transport, sales, documentation). Based on this analysis, you will receive a full report including :

  • Clear definition of your Objectives regarding international ambitions.
  • Status report how ready  your business processes are to import / export.
  • Advice which investments and adjustments must be made in order to start exporting or importing.
  • Advice next steps.

For any follow-up after the bussiness scan, VAN EYCK AVIES is able to assist you with the preparation of the import/ export policy and – procedures or supervision of the next steps.

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