Advice and supervision to the import and export of your equipment.

When a company transports goods to or from abroad, they will face challenges in the field of finance, culture, transport, customs, or local law. Sometimes these are practical problems, such as finding the right Incoterm or proper formatting of export documents and sometimes it involves questions at a higher organizational level.

How do I find the right logistics partner, what processes need to be adjusted within my organization and where do I start?

VAN EYCK ADVIES can guide your company through your (first) projects abroad, including coordination of export and import documents, selecting and contracting a logistics partner. International payments, contracts and financial settlement with government subsidies and global transportation / consolidation.


  • Coordination and harmonization of the (construction) planning to supply and install equipment / furniture.
  • Calculation of the expected costs and risks in a project.
  • Set-up warehouse (also abroad), transport, import and export of goods. (3PL)
  • Coordination of transportation, import and export.
  • Incoterms advice use and risks with the different conditions.
  • Experienced in air, sea and truck transport.
  • Dangerous goods and refrigerated goods.
  • Transport Insurance.

Export and import documents

  • Requests for Certificate of Origin, EUR-1.
  • Preparation and standardization of documents.
  • Customs documentation.
  • Experience with all transport documents, among others FCR, CMR, Air Waybill (AWB), Bill of Lading.
  • Legalization and certification by Embassy or Chamber of Commerce.
  • Pre-shipment inspections.
  • Country requirements for documentation and packaging.

International payment transactions

  • Preparation and submission of documentation for documentary credit.
  • Bank guarantees.
  • Contracts and financial settlement with government grants ORET / ORIO, KfW and Ex-IM.

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